Team Meeting? Annually? Me? Really?

With offices in three different states, it is imperative that the whole team is brought together periodically face to face.  It reconnects the team in ways that Skype™, Facebook®, instant messaging, emails and other communication channels cannot.  The various types of electronic media are wonderful, don’t misunderstand me, I am thankful for them; however, meeting face to face is still the best way to communicate and build relationships.

At Midan we get together at least once a year.  During this time together we do a variety of activities and not all of it is work related! I have coordinated three of these team meetings.  Each meeting has been different, successful and fun!

Some of the activities we have done span normal business agenda items such as financials, clients, policies, staffing, etc.  Other activities have provided us with opportunities to get to know each other better and share in fun memorable activities.  Here are just a few examples of some of the things we have done in the past when we all get together:

  • We have read and discussed some great management books and concepts such as the StrengthsFinders.2.0, by Tom Rath, book.  If you have not taken the test in the StrengthsFinders book, you have missed a great opportunity to make your team and yourself stronger.  We each discovered our specific strengths as well as the areas where we are not as strong. It was amazing as we discussed our strengths with each other and realized that others can see our strengths even when we cannot.
  • As a team we participated in a ropes course.  In the process of participating in the course, we discovered that some of us are more physically fit than others… that’s a surprise or something.  I personally discovered that I can depend on my teammates when I need them.
  • During the team meeting this past November, we went to a comedy juggling show named “The London Broil” in downtown Charlotte.  It was hilarious and purely for fun.  The show was chosen because it has a meat sounding name and we are always thinking meat!
  • Also, during the same meeting, we had the National Pork Board folks in to give us a live cutting demonstration, starting with half a hog.  We learned the name of various cuts and where they come from on the hog.  Surprisingly, the Boston Butt doesn’t come from the, well, the butt.
  • During one of the meetings we did a “trust” exercise.  Imagine 12 people standing in a circle facing the back of the person standing next to them (of course, all going in the same direction, duh!), with their hands on the waist of the person in front of them and sitting on the knees of the person behind them.  If you weigh 98 pounds and the person behind you is bigger then there is no problem…but what happens if you are a heavy weight and the person behind you is a feather weight…well, try to picture that one and try not to laugh. Now that’s trust!

  • We have visited beef, dairy and hog farms to learn more about the process of raising and preparing beef and pork for market.  During these visits we learned that there are widely different methods to raising livestock.

At Midan, we work hard to promote our clients and help them be successful.  As a team we work hard to develop good working relationships not only with each other but also with our clients. We are always looking for a cool activity for our next meeting.  It you have an idea or a suggestion, we would love to hear from you!  Check us out on

…Yay Team Go!

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  1. Butch McGee says:

    -Usually when I am involved with ropes, it usually involves one, maybe three other people. The ante is usually raised when the whips and chains make an appearance. After that, they run ‘The Gauntlet’ and things go from there.

    -‘The London Broil’ sounds much better than my last team meeting. Last time I had a team meeting, Gunnery Sergeant Hartman made all of us stand in a circle. He made sure we didn’t perform like Private Cowboy and we were very courteous to each other. Our circle was done in a few minutes.

    – Oh yes…Boston butt. My +27 years of butchering has taught me it comes from the shoulder area and can still have the blade with the cut. Often Boston Butt reminds me of an east coast guy I met at the end of a pier in the summer of ’69. I forget his name, but I was sitting on a park bench, eyeing little girls with bad intent. He was a peddler and caught my attention playing Zevon’s ‘Excitable Boy’.

    -My first trust exercise came at a very young age. My father asked, “Son, do you trust me?” I responded, “Yes Dad.” He then he removed my floatees and threw me off the end of the dock into the water. I am haunted by waters.

    -A great team building exercise is cooking together. Some friends and I often cook lasagnas. Here are the ingredients and directions as to how to make it.

    Butch McGee

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