Nice guys DO win…really, they do.

One of the many things that I love about Midan Marketing is the transparency, accountability and growth that teammates encourage in each other. That encouragement translates into both professional and personal growth. For example, we have developed Mission Statements for our work teams as well as individual personal Mission Statements for ourselves (there’s another entire blog in that subject :)).

We are also encouraged to set personal growth goals in addition to business goals. One of my personal goals this past year has been to read more in order to increase my knowledge; to get my nose out of my little corner of the world and soak up some wisdom about areas outside my daily routine.

My first choice in this adventure –  do I attempt (yet again) to read the 350-page “Key Account Management and Planning” book that adorns my bookshelf?  Or do I pick up an intriguing little 194-page book I bought on the spur of the moment at entitled “Love is the Killer App”, by Tim Sanders? Hhhmmm, is there really a choice involved here?

In the business world these days, it is abundantly easy to find people who are “sharks”, as Mr. Sanders puts it. Sharks are those people that are cruising the business waters, looking for their next tasty meal of anyone that holds something that they want to possess – money, power, prestige…

However, there are also a large number of “lovecats” in the business world today. What do I mean by a lovecat? Here is Mr. Sanders’ definition: “The act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your intangibles with your bizpartners. What are our intangibles? They are our knowledge, our network and our compassion.”

I appreciate this definition because it encourages me to share what I know freely and to unabashedly ask others around me for their
wisdom. I work with some incredibly smart people within Midan, at our client organizations, and through our talented vendor partners. The lovecat idea promotes the flow of information and the exchange of ideas, learning and interests. As I’ve practiced being a lovecat, I’ve started asking “why” more often in order to figure out what makes people tick and where their passion lies. That leads to more knowledge.

Please don’t misunderstand me – I’m not suggesting that we all join hands and sing, “All You Need is Love,” together. This is a serious discussion because success in today’s business world hinges on knowledge, networks and believe it or not, compassion.
The key is to use these tools wisely.

So, here is what I’ve learned since picking up this wonderful book by Tim Sanders:

  1. Never stop learning and never stop reading – I constantly need more knowledge.
  2. Look for opportunities to help others and share knowledge – my network depends on this.
  3. Be interested in those around you, and I mean genuinely interested – it’s the best way to truly show compassion.

Share your knowledge, your network and your compassion freely with those around you. In the process, I believe that you’ll learn more about those people. And you’ll also get some deeper resources for the next business issue you may face. Try the lovecat way – it can bring you more knowledge, challenging ideas, and a lot of fun along the way.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. Jarrod Lovecat Sutton says:

    I like your take KB! I enjoyed this book immensely, and I reference it often. Knowledge, network, compassion – is it really that simple? As I’ve worked to wrap my simple mind around it I’ve come to the conclusion that yes, it is really, just that simple.

    My thirst for knowledge has increased; the sharing of my newly acquired info has naturally resulted in an expansion of my network; and I find it easier these days to have compassion for those I come into contact with by genuinely listening to what they are saying to me. It’s a beautiful harmony.

  2. Great post, Karen!

    I’ve definitely been more of a lovecat since reading this book, and it has definitely paid off! And, there are more opportunities to be lovecats to more people as everything is digital on social!

  3. Butch McGee says:

    Good write Karen! Finally! I’ve been waiting for months to read up on Midan! It’s great to hear that you share a wealth of knowledge, networking, and compassion (KNC) with fellow businesses. You are testament to what a ‘lovecat’ truly is. I worked as a hunting/fishing guide in the American West. Fresh out of school, I was a lovecat. After school, knowledge obtained from my network of people, that proved to be crucial for survival. This came through means of mountain elders that have lived in the unforgiving mountainous bush for generations. They were able to make everything, from nothing. The phrase ‘…built like a brick**** house’ is quite a claim having seen men actually living in one. Their knowledge and resourcefulness are second to none, but I cannot say the same for compassion. Debauchery and succubi were about me as a cloud of smoke–inescapable. My lovecat life as I knew it came to a tumultuous end by means of a bottle and a lovecougar. Combining these elements were toxic.

    Betrayed by a bottle of Tangle Ridge Whisky and wronged by a lovecougar, my life following the ‘lovecat mantra’ ceased. A ThunderCat was born. Gone are the ways of sharing KNC. Held in my hilt, knowledge is overcome by my ‘Eye of Thundera’. Networking struck down by my ‘Sword of Omens’. Compassion, non-existent. I might say I’m compassionate to get with a lovecat, but that’s only after a line of catnip and serving her Fancy Feast. Life as a ThunderCat butcher is all I have. Granted, Mumm-Ra is trying to kill me and Snarf has a case of tourettes, but I stick to butchering.

    As an old, grizzled butcher, my life is slowing down. ‘Sword of Omens’ has lost it’s edge from slaughtering cattle. Cheetara is in heat and left me for Bustopher Jones (damn his tuxedo). Maybe it’s time to hang up the apron? You guys looking for a janitor or something? I am good at selecting choice meats and chasing mice.

    ThunderCats HO,

    • Ah, for the early years when being a lovecat was easier, eh?! It’s still worth the effort, Butch. Ditch ThunderCat – try being a genuine lovecat for a change. Thanks for stopping by.

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