Bringing research to life with design!

As marketers, we can be faced with hundreds of statistics, numbers and studies every day. We’ve all worked on many spreadsheets and have sat through even more PowerPoint presentations. And after a while, they all start to look the same.  And do we ever really remember any of the numbers? Usually not.

Large amounts of data can often be difficult to grasp and retain, even for the most well versed researcher.  As a researcher with a design background, I often wonder why more people don’t combine research and design. For me, research has always been an investigation of sorts, and design has always been about communication. It never crossed my mind that they would not go hand-in-hand. Research projects can take months to prepare and execute. Presenting the results of this hard work creatively makes it easier to share with others, as well as more visually appealing. Simply put, well designed data should be understood by all, stimulating and memorable.

The video below is one example of how research can be presented in a visually appealing way. Please take a minute to watch.

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