My first few months at Midan

It’s been about four months since I started working at Midan Marketing. How could I have ever imagined working with a team of professionals who are not only extremely smart about meat and how to promote it, but are genuine, committed and an absolute pleasure to work with? Looks like I finally have my dream job!

I pretty much hit the ground running my first week at Midan. I got to dig in on a brand tracking study, getting the most value and quality for our client, keeping the details intact. A qualitative project was already underway so it was a new experience for me to understand a unique method for getting consumer feedback. At the end of the first few weeks, I have to admit the most fun I had was working on a proprietary Midan project called Manfluence, thinking about men grocery shopping and cooking!

Each day at Midan has been a good combination of executing plans for current projects (if you know me, you know how important details are) and brainstorming on more ways to help our clients (pushing the envelope to balance my left brain/right brain). There have also been plenty of opportunities to think about projects that will strengthen Midan’s expertise. Bottom line – creative, innovative and relevant ideas are always in Midan’s pipeline.  It’s an ideal venue to allow me to bring my expertise to the table while learning something new every day. I can honestly say it’s rewarding to stop and think about what we’re accomplishing through the impact we have on our clients’ business and how we promote and support the meat industry. We are making things happen.

Before starting at Midan, I heard about how the principals are admired for their background, experience and expertise. I can feel their commitment to the meat industry and it’s rubbing off on me. There are days when I think back to the first time I was on the Midan website. I know it was the point at which I decided to apply for the Market Research Director position. As I watched and listened to Michael and Danette in their video, I knew this was a place I wanted to be a part of. Since then, I have come to appreciate just how important my decision to join the team has been for me.

The Midan atmosphere is positive. Integrity and respect are price of entry for anyone who comes on board. Then it’s up to each of us to work smart and make a difference each day.  There’s a slogan on the wall in the Chicago office that makes me smile each time I read it:  “Of course I’ll bring my A game, I don’t even have a B game!”  That’s how it goes here at Midan.  And I’m proud to be a part of the team.

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