Memories From The Farm


At Midan, we’re not just marketers, we’re farmers.  So in celebration of National Agriculture Day on March 18, we’ve asked Karen, our Senior Account Executive and a Missouri farm girl, to share her story.

I grew up on a family farm. We had hogs and cattle, raised some row crops and had pastureland. Much of my time was spent riding my Shetland pony, Misty, through all the hills and hollows of the 1,000-acre farm we rented. My dad used to say that I knew the farm better than anyone else, because I explored every corner. The Auxvasse Creek ran through our land and there were never-ending wonders to see.


My first gainful employment was at age six, when my dad suggested that I water and feed a set of gilts (female pigs that haven’t given birth yet) every day for a couple of months in exchange for $50. I say “gainful” because I’d been working on the farm ever since I could remember. Dad loves to tell people about putting my older brother, sister and me all in different pens with sows having babies, so that we could wipe the piglets off as they were born. I was about four years old. (Mom wasn’t nearly as thrilled about that as Dad, since the sows weighed anywhere from 250 to 400 pounds and could be cantankerous, to put it mildly). With that $50, Mom and I went to town and opened a checking account for me. Pretty cool to have a checking account well before you’re 10 years old; less cool to have it only so you can buy feed at the local feed store for your calves.

I was raised with a strict sense of responsibility. Taking care of my chores was first, above anything else, because I was responsible for animals and they depended on me. Watering, feeding and checking hogs and calf pens were daily chores, while checking grazing cattle, riding the fences to make sure they were in good shape and cutting thistles out of the pastures were weekend duties.


My family eventually bought a 400-acre row crop farm and we moved there when I was 9 years old. We moved in our family grain truck (my mother’s piano did survive, despite her doubts!). We raised hogs and grew row crops like corn and soybeans. I raised 4-H calves too, to build my college fund. As I grew up, I graduated into chores like driving the tractor and disk, combining wheat and baling straw and hay. Fast-forward several years and you’d see that I graduated from college with an animal science degree and then started my lifelong career in the agriculture industry.

I passionately believe I had the best foundation possible because I grew up on a farm. My brother is a full-time farmer, and his son and daughter now help him on the farm. My roots make me who I am. My belief that U.S. farmers are the best people on the face of the earth is unshakeable.

Why do I work at Midan Marketing? Because we know what every facet of the U.S. agriculture industry brings to the world and we understand the personal ethics and hard work that make that gift possible.

So, on Ag Day and every day, I offer a very heartfelt “thank you” to farmers everywhere.


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