1. Walker Stockley says:

    I’m curious what consumers said about sodium levels on marinated products as they has been the greatest concern with consumers trying these products in the past. My question is more about product formulation than brand but if the formula is not right, then the brand may fail. If unable to divulge such secrets, then I understand.

    • Great question, Walker, as that has definitely been a concern for consumers. With this product line, our research was targeted specifically toward seasoned and marinated consumers versus a more traditional fresh meat consumer and from what we saw in the research, that consumer understands that these products may have a higher sodium content than other fresh items in the meat case.

      We did get some questions about sodium but when consumers understood that the product was similar to others in the marketplace, there wasn’t a lot of additional concern raised. Several indicated that they’d try a new seasoned and marinated brand simply because they love these products and if it disappointed on flavor, saltiness, texture, etc., they wouldn’t repeat the purchase.

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