Breaking the pattern

Breaking the pattern

Breaking the Pattern

MARCH 2012

Our trends study took a “big picture” look at four major breaks in consumer attitudinal and behavioral patterns that are driving seven major trends. These trends are not current fads, but large shifts in behavior that are permanently changing the way consumers plan, purchase and consume products. Meat industry leaders must recognize and respond to these trends if they want to keep up with tomorrow’s shoppers.

Learn about the following major breaks:

  • Who we are
  • Me vs. We
  • Expecting more faster
  • Taking back control

Trend #1:
Non-Existent Average Consumer

The white picket fence with 2.1 children is not as relevant today as
it once was. With all major household demographics in such flux, there is no way to say what the “average” American looks like today.

Source: Midan Marketing