As women increase their presence in the work force, more men are sharing household responsibilities like grocery shopping and meal preparation. We first identified this “manly” trend as Manfluence® in our 2012 Breaking the Pattern research.

To discover more about the potential effect of this Manfluence movement, we interviewed 900 men online about how they buy and prepare meat. What emerged from our research is an eye-opening profile of today’s male consumer that pokes a hole in our long-held assumptions about how the “typical” man shops for and eats meat.


A significant percentage of men are now fulfilling roles that have traditionally been held by women, and how these men behave at the meat case and in the kitchen (or at the grill on the back deck) can mightily influence how meat products are merchandised and sold.

Our research signals that the time is right for the meat industry to broaden its focus beyond the traditional “She” to make room for the up-and-coming, influential “He.”

Manfluence Full Report
Our comprehensive report can help retailers, brand managers and other meat industry professionals gain a deeper understanding of the Manfluencer to better target this relatively-new species of male shopper.

What you’ll get in the full report:

  • comparisons between Manfluencer responses and those of 400 female shoppers who were also surveyed as part of the study.
  • detailed findings about both male and female attitudes and behaviors surrounding purchase and preparation of beef, pork and chicken.
  • answers to questions like, “Who is more likely to have positive perceptions of grocery shopping?”


Full Report

is available for purchase for $99.*

*plus applicable sales tax if you live in Illinois or North Carolina

Source: Midan Marketing