Meat Consumer Segmentation

Meat Consumer Segmentation


The meat industry is changing at the speed of light and facing challenges from multiple fronts:


Grocery chains are consolidating at the same time new value players are entering the arena.

E-commerce is threatening to leave brick-and-mortar stores in the dust.

The movement to reduce meat consumption is gaining traction.

There’s never been a more critical time to put a laser focus on the fresh meat consumer. Understanding what is driving today’s meat eaters and how they navigate this changing landscape is the key to staying relevant. Using our proprietary Meat Consumer Segmentation research, we can do a deep dive into your customer base to help you solve specific pain points.



Here’s how our segmentation findings
can help you divide and conquer:


Get a better handle on your mix of meat consumers.

If you’re noticing that incremental sales are slipping or leakage is creeping in, it could be that you aren’t keeping up with changes in your customer base. Even slight demographic and attitudinal shifts can have a big impact on meat purchasing. Not having an accurate picture of who’s actually buying your products will inevitably erode your bottom line.

Segmentation can help you zero in on the “right” consumers for your business.

Tell your brand story the way it should be told.

How do you reach the very consumers who value the qualities your brand represents? We know that not all meat consumers are created equal. Voracious Carnivores, for example, are die-hard meat lovers; they don’t need the hard sell to buy your product. But Urban Eclectics, on the other hand, need more finessing – you’ve got to get their emotional buy-in before they buy.

Segmentation can help you tune into what your customers care about, so you can tell a brand story that resonates with your target.

Tackle e-commerce more confidently.

The e-commerce train is moving full speed ahead and if your business isn’t on it, it might be too late. Understanding which types of consumers order online, what meat products they buy and even which geographical area they are likely to come from are the keys to developing an e-commerce plan that fires on all cylinders.

Segmentation can help you define an e-commerce strategy that’s tailored to your customers.


More than ever before, the individual meat consumer is in the driver seat.
If you’d like to learn how Midan can help you put meat consumer segmentation to work for your business, connect with our Segmentation Specialist.

Get to know the six Meat Consumer Segments.