Natural vs.
Organic Meat

Natural vs.<br>Organic Meat

Today’s Natural vs. Organic Fresh Meat Consumer

MARCH 2014

As part of our ongoing exploration into what makes consumers tick, we turned our curious eye to today’s natural and organic fresh meat consumers.

We surveyed 500 shoppers to understand their perceptions and behaviors regarding natural and organic beef, pork and chicken.

For the first time, we have a clear profile of these niche consumers:  what they think, how they shop and why they buy what they buy.  While other studies have incorporated a few tidbits about natural and organic meat, there was no existing research dedicated solely to understanding natural and organic meat consumers…until now.  Our study goes the one step further by breaking down these shoppers into distinct categories of natural and organic, and also segmenting by protein.

If you have a natural and/or organic meat program or you’re thinking about starting one, you no longer need to speculate about what’s driving purchases, because we’ve got the facts about your target consumers.

If purchasers aren’t even sure about the benefits of organic meat products, then it’s clear that the industry has a challenge to educate and engage consumers – both purchasers and non-purchasers. Our research can help you do that. Along with graphs depicting the behaviors and attitudes of natural and organic meat consumers, our report features industry implications you can use to put this data to work for you.

Get this original research to discover who is and who isn’t buying natural and organic meat, and why.

Only 64% of organic purchasers use the phrase ‘absence of growth hormones’ to describe organic.


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Source: Midan Marketing