Power of Brands

Power of Brands

Power of Brands

MAY 2013

In 2008, our groundbreaking Power of Brands study revealed that branding does matter in the meat case.

Five years later, following the longest downturn in the U.S. economy since the Great Depression, we wanted to know if branding still matters in the meat case.

The Power of Brands study, conducted jointly by Midan Marketing and Shugoll Research in November of 2012, is a continuation of the 2008 Power of Brands study, the first of its kind to assess the role that brand plays when consumers select and purchase meat.

For the Power of Brands research, 600 primary grocery shoppers were interviewed in four geographically-diverse metro markets: Chicago, Denver, Dallas and Philadelphia. A wide array of beef, pork and chicken brands are present in each market.

The comprehensive report includes charts and graphs that outline key findings on grocery shopping and meat purchasing behavior, attitudes toward branded meats, and brand awareness. The report also provides insights about consumer preferences and ratings for specific brands.


Here are a few takeaways that are explored in-depth in the report:

  • Many top-selling, private label brands have extremely low recall among consumers. Is your brand strategy creating the kind of awareness and preference among consumers to sustain your private label program for the long haul?
  • Some brands are so strong that they project a halo effect onto protein categories they don’t even offer products in. Find out if your brand equity offers additional opportunities in the meat case.
  • Discover how your brands stack up against the competition on a 10-point rating scale.

About half of consumers (51%) recalled a brand of beef and 55% recalled a brand of pork in 2012.



Full Report

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*plus applicable sales tax if you live in Illinois or North Carolina

Source: Midan Marketing