Brand CPR

Brand CPR

Project:Brand CPR
Brand:Chairman’s Reserve® Premium Meats
Client:Tyson Fresh Meats

How do you bring new life to a stagnant brand? What happens when an existing brand is no longer the “flavor of the month”? When established brands start to trend downward in quarterly reviews, it’s time to re-evaluate. What to do with the brand? Replace it? Renew it?

Midan was asked by our client how to best move forward with a long-standing brand that was underperforming. Based on market research, we determined that the brand wasn’t dead; it just needed to be revitalized!

Research results helped guide our path as we gave the brand a makeover that included a new tagline, photography, sales materials and point-of-sale materials; the classic logo remained.






This little touch of CPR pumped new life into the brand and renewed the sales team’s enthusiasm for sell-in. Post this effort its vital signs were strong, with brand volume experiencing double-digit percentage increases!