Flat Iron
Steak Launch

Flat Iron <br>Steak Launch

Project:Flat Iron Steak Launch
Client:NCBA, with funding through
The Beef Checkoff

How do you best introduce a new cut at retail? Humans are creatures of habit. Because we’re pretty predictable with our purchasing patterns, it’s never easy for a new product to make it onto the grocery list and into the shopping cart. So when our client developed a new Beef Value Cuts program, they asked us to help them figure out how best to bring this break-through line to market.
The research confirmed that consumers were instant fans once they tried the new Flat Iron Steaks, so we knew that in-store appeal was critical. We also recognized that we had to get meat department associates on board: they had no idea how to cut the Flat Iron, let alone talk about it.



Midan was tasked with working with retail test partners to determine pricing, positioning and promotional materials that were used during in-store testing of the program. We designed an appealing label and developed a comprehensive program to educate meat department associates about this terrific cut. We also created a training program for in-store associates to provide customers with juicy, delicious samples.

Following the in-store testing, we ultimately came to the conclusion that a case-ready product would be the best approach, given the training and time required to accurately produce the Flat Iron Steaks from the top blade. While a few retailers still prefer to cut Flat Iron Steaks in-store, most of this product is produced and sold in a case-ready format.



Sales figures confirm that the Flat Iron successfully made the leap from an unfamiliar beef cut to a family favorite: Sales grew from zero to 11.5 million pounds of Flat Iron Steak being sold at retail annually in 10 short years.

Source: FreshLook Marketing