Mealtime Matters

Mealtime Matters

Project:Mealtime Matters
Brand:Star Ranch Angus®  beef
Client:Tyson Fresh Meats Team


How do you tell a brand story that captures the imagination of meat eaters?

Just as the meat industry is beginning to fully embrace branding, along comes a new dimension to the concept: it’s no longer enough to have a “brand” – now industry players must have a complete and compelling “brand story.” Consumers are eager to be romanced by a narrative that’s not only engaging, but one that is authentic, transparent and reveals the values of the company behind the brand.

The Tyson Fresh Meats Team asked Midan to re-evaluate its existing Star Ranch Angus brand, an “everyday” Angus product line, in order to refine the brand’s identity and develop a deeper brand story.

Midan worked to strategize a creative development plan that included a new tagline and a deep-dive review of the brand’s target consumer.

Midan developed three concepts for the brand refresh and then used consumer testing to validate the insights discovered during the deep-dive. Followers of the Star Ranch Angus brand were briefly introduced to each concept and asked to evaluate them based on appeal and personal connection. For their input, participants received a coupon for Star Ranch Angus beef.



Midan took the winning concept and developed a “Mealtime Matters” campaign that illustrates the importance of the family meal, a key touchstone for the target consumer. The tagline changed to “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” a nod to the brand’s promise to deliver a consistently tender product. The messaging and visuals tell the story of a brand that is trusted to deliver at dinnertime.

To drive the story home, Midan updated the brand’s website and created new collateral materials (including engaging video!) that reflect its updated identity. Midan also developed a strong social media campaign that encouraged followers to interact with the brand story by sharing why mealtime matters to them.

STAR RANCH ANGUS beef now has a solid brand story that draws consumers in and helps anchor all future messaging and marketing materials.

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