New Temp,
New Taste

New Temp, <br>New Taste

Project:New Temp, New Taste
Client:National Pork Board

How do you educate consumers about a new safe cooking temperature? It’s true – we cook like our mothers taught us. So what happens when science gives us new information that requires consumers to change their behavior? That is precisely what our client wanted our help with when the U.S. Department of Agriculture announced that it’s okay to cook pork to 145⁰F, a 15-degree decrease from the previous 160⁰F standard.

Midan’s job: make it virtually impossible to purchase pork in a supermarket and not know about the new standard cooking temp.


Midan developed an integrated communications
plan to educate both customers and meat department associates. In-store consumer point-of-sale elements included a poster, ironman and cooking chart with a digital thermometer icon reading “145°F” to keep the new standard top of mind.

Educational materials for meat staff included an FAQ sheet, pocket guide and e-newsletter designed to help them answer consumer questions with confidence.