Digital Marketing Platform

Digital Marketing Platform

Project:Digital Marketing Platform
Brand:Open Prairie® Natural* Angus Beef
Client:Tyson Fresh Meats


Beyond Cat Videos:  How do you put digital media to work for your meat brand?

When Midan teamed with Tyson Fresh Meats to develop Open Prairie Natural Angus beef, we worked hard to lay the groundwork for a strong brand, complete with a brightly-colored logo, fitting name and brand attributes that resonate during a time of natural  “this” and no GMOs “that.” But in a market where transparency is key and competition is high, the question remained:  How do we get consumers to buy into the brand?  The answer: digital marketing.

Digital marketing is not just selfies and cat videos on Facebook (imagine that!). It is the ability to bring a brand directly to the palm of the consumer, whether through Facebook posts, Google advertising or even a single tweet. Understanding exactly what platforms and digital tactics would work best for Open Prairie Natural Angus beef was important, but first a brand refresh was in order – starting with the website.

Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Website

The previous Open Prairie Natural Angus beef website successfully informed viewers of brand values and attributes, but it lacked the kind of “wow” factor needed to compete in the quickly-evolving digital space.  With a little bit of spice and some well-placed visual storytelling, the updated website now offers an engaging experience for website viewers. We developed a more current, user-friendly design that guides viewers in their understanding of the brand, taking them on virtual ranch tours and sharing crave-worthy recipes that all tie in to the natural values and practices of Open Prairie Natural Angus beef.

The website revamp helped breathe new life into the brand; however, in order for people to experience it we had to spread the word, and in order to spread the word, we had to figure out who was listening. To better understand our target audience, a brand persona was researched, analyzed and given a name. Based on our brand persona and goals for the brand, we developed a digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, starting with leveraging Facebook and Google as key tactics.

Open Prairie Natural Angus Beef Facebook PageFacebook:

Social media marketing allows brands to make a direct connection with the consumer – opening a portal of conversation that encourages transparency and creates a social community. Understanding the brand persona and taking advantage of insight gathered from Facebook analytics, we are able to create content that is relevant and appealing to our followers. For example, through our research we learned we could share posts that direct fans to 30-minute meals, one-pot wonders or slow-cooked favorites – all of which garner high reach and engagement.

The same thinking applies to Facebook advertising, where we use a heightened approach to targeting that includes both geographic and interest-based efforts. Being able to track where page likes and website clicks are coming from allows us to create ads that appeal to the brand persona and drive traffic to desired locations.

Overall, targeting measures have led to a 137.47% increase in engagement over an eight-month period and have added 243.21% more followers.


Google Pay-Per-Click ads help widen the audience while still taking advantage of targeting measures. Due to the competitive nature of the organic and natural beef markets, we needed to get creative with keywords to ensure our ads were being seen more frequently and higher in search results than those of other meat brands in the same category. Even changing a single keyword can significantly affect engagement. Experimenting with keywords has helped ensure our ads are seen by the target audience, successfully driving traffic to specific B2B and B2C landing pages. Strategic design, content creation and successful SEO tactics have boosted website traffic, with a 43.12% increase from Q1 2015 to Q1 2016, and a 5,541.85% increase in impressions from Q4 2015 to Q1 2016.

While it may seem like just a “click” here or a “like” there, this carefully-integrated strategy helps reach our target where they are and in the ways we know they like to interact – providing relevant content for the interested consumer. Jumping onto the digital marketing saddle, we have been able to lasso followers and round up web traffic, creating success that can be traced all the way back to the ranchers who raise cattle for the Open Prairie Natural Angus brand.

Minimally processed. No artificial ingredients.

We are applying digital marketing tactics to successfully increase brand engagement from the ground up.