Owning the Grill

Owning the Grill

Project:Owning the Grill
Brand:Star Ranch Angus® Beef
Client:Tyson Fresh Meats

How do you make a brand stand out? 2010 was a hard year for brands across the board, in part because private labels were taking over the supermarket. Our client asked us to help their beef brand get noticed above all the other brands clamoring for attention in the meat case jungle.

It was critical to get noticed during the most important beef time frame of the year: grilling season! Midan created a grilling promotion comprised of B2B and B2C tactics, including an “On the Road” kit to keep the brand top of mind with the sales force.

The promotion also included a contest to get retailers to advertise the brand and an enticing steak rub giveaway promoted at the meat case and on Facebook to reach consumers.





The results: all major retailers carrying the brand got on board and we all cheered as sales soared!