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Tyson Crafted Creations<br />Brand Development

Project:Brand Development
Brand:Tyson® Crafted Creations™ Products
Client:Tyson Fresh Meats


How do you rebrand a product line to capitalize on the growth of a category? With consumer demand for convenient pre-seasoned and marinated meat products increasing, our client, Tyson Fresh Meats, wanted to focus on meeting this growing demand for value-added meats.

Tyson Fresh Meats had an existing portfolio of value-added meat products under various brand names. However, they knew the importance of having a simplified go-to-market strategy. Our charge from the client was to develop a new brand that could be applied to their multi-species portfolio of pre-seasoned and marinated products.

We started with a competitive analysis that led to the decision to develop the new brand to bring Tyson Fresh Meat’s portfolio of seasoned and marinated products under one strong umbrella brand.


Prior to building the brand identity, we conducted consumer concept testing to solicit input on the brand name. We began the process by drafting positioning statements that we shared with fresh meat convenience category users via a quantitative test.

Based on those results, we determined the best way to position the brand. Consumers liked a name that made the product seem like someone used a special hand in creating it. Our creative team then developed possible names and logos. Once names and logos were developed, we tested the options with consumers to garner their feedback and determine which name and logo best fit the new line.



The Tyson Crafted Creations brand was born!  The brand has a very artisanal tone to it; the logo features a hand-sketched feel with a kraft paper background to give it a simple, “made with care” look while still appealing to a broad group of consumers who are looking for pre-seasoned and marinated products. Our creative team developed messaging that resonates with the target’s desire for convenient and easy meal solutions that provide a lot of flavor.



The results: Volume sales of Tyson Crafted Creations products more than doubled the cumulative volume of the previous brands within the first six months of launch.