Whet Your Appetite Photography

Whet Your Appetite Photography

Project:Whet Your Appetite Photography
Client:Multiple Clients

What is the value of an appetizing meat photo? Visual images bombard us everywhere, but how many truly jump off the page into our subconscious and spur us to action? In no instance is our reaction to photographs more visceral and immediate than with food photography, particularly meat photography. An eye-popping, tantalizing photo of a juicy steak can whet our appetite, get our taste buds tingling, and most importantly, convince us we’ve got to have that steak for dinner tonight. There is no denying we purchase products with our eyes.

We know that amazing photos help get the target’s attention fast, whether on package, in point-of-sale materials or on a website. According to Anthony Testa—a packaging, branding and product design marketer—consumers make their purchase decisions in 2.6 seconds. Our meat photographs can help you make the most of those crucial 2.6 seconds.

Really great meat photography is an art that requires a keen eye for detail. At Midan we surround ourselves with top-notch food photographers, food stylists and props specialists that work long hours to capture the perfect shot. We partner on art direction to get just the right cut of meat in the best environment to communicate the story our client wants to tell.