Traffic Coordinator

Traffic Coordinator

What the role is

The primary function of a traffic coordinator is to work as a go-between that connects the Creative Communications and Account Management teams to produce client work. The traffic coordinator sets a schedule of deadlines for the completion of a job and assigns team members to each necessary step in the process. The traffic coordinator then checks on the progress of the project and communicates with the account executive as needed. The traffic coordinator is generally considered to be the Workamajig software expert (main point of contact for Workamajig training and communication).

What you will do daily

  • Assign tasks and check the statuses of outstanding steps
  • Conduct a daily morning meeting to review items/steps assigned and due for the day and determine if there are any roadblocks
  • Communicate any issues with the team and account executive
  • Conduct weekly job status meetings to gather and share information with account executives and the rest of the team
  • Initiate new jobs and create timelines and steps for the work to be done (future planning)
  • Review the timeline with the account executive to get client approval

Using Workamajig

  • Create estimates, set up timelines and outline steps to complete the project
  • Track the status of these estimates, timelines and steps
  • Ensure that the work is being completed on schedule and budget

What is most important

  • Make scheduling and assignment of tasks efficient and not overbearing
  • Keep team members happy and on track with the assignments they need to do while staying on schedule
  • Ensure the workflow is efficient and the right stuff is getting done by the right people at the right time

What daily success looks like

Both team members and clients are happy and tasks and jobs are either on, or ahead of, schedule and on budget.

What you will learn to move forward in your career

The traffic coordinator is an entry-level position.  For the right person and with additional training, this means an opportunity with great potential for growth. To begin the path to project manager, the immediate skills to be mastered include:

  • Estimation skills for time and materials to develop a project quote
  • Pricing skills to find ways to create savings for the client and Midan
  • Management skills to keep costs and internal resources on track with production estimates
  • Knowledge of different creative mediums including, but not limited to, broadcast, digital, print, out of home and experiential

What we require to get started

  • 2 years of work experience
  • Strong organizational skills, ability to learn new systems and processes quickly and work in a deadline-oriented environment
  • Ability to maintain multi-month projects, priorities, budgets and schedules
  • Effectively communicate project status, requirements, changes, risks and issues
  • Self-motivated, highly-organized and able to work effectively as part of a team
  • Ad agency or corporate marketing experience a plus
  • BA or BS degree, Marketing preferred
  • PMP certification preferred