Midan Marketing Challenges Meat Industry Leaders to Break the Pattern in New Webinar

Caroline Ahn
Midan Marketing


Midan Marketing Challenges Meat Industry Leaders to Break the Pattern in New Webinar

Chicago, IL. (January 12, 2012) – The traditional mom, who has always been in charge of grocery shopping for the household, has evolved. Once trusting, hopeful and overly indulgent, today’s moms are more cautious, socially savvy and careful with their spending. While the traditional shopper has changed, there is another consumer group that retailers can’t afford to ignore. Midan Marketing will be sharing insights into this emerging shopper group as well as several other consumer trends during their “Breaking the Pattern” webinar on March 20, 2012.

“The industry has been talking about the same shifts in consumer behavior for years,” said Michael Uetz, principal of Midan Marketing. “We’ve identified several new emerging shopper groups that meat industry leaders must recognize and respond to if they want to keep up with their consumers.”

As part of Midan’s brand new research platform, The Consumers’ Case, “Breaking the Pattern” is the first of an ongoing series of market research studies designed to educate meat industry leaders on the constantly evolving consumer. Midan’s goal for this new platform is to transform the meat department from the cold “sea of red” to an engaging shopping experience for tomorrow’s consumer.

“The meat department has historically had a reputation for being slow to respond and evolve. With consumers’ attitudes and behaviors changing rapidly, we saw a need to build The Consumers’ Case platform to identify key consumer trends in the marketplace, and assist the industry in developing solutions that respond to these trends,” added Uetz.

“Breaking the Pattern” will take place on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 2pm EST. All meat industry leaders are invited to participate, and can register at http://midanmarketing.com/ctsignup/.

The launch of The Consumers’ Case is part of Midan Marketing’s new brand image that reflects the company’s growth, expertise and passion for the meat industry.

For more information on Midan Marketing and The Consumers’ Case platform, visit www.MidanMarketing.com.

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