Just Another Day at the Office…

Kevin communing with Red Angus
cattle at Kniebel Farm.

If you know anything about Midan, you know it’s not just an empty slogan when we say that we live, breathe and dream about meat.

Our recent annual Team Meeting bears this out in spades. While some companies jet off to Vegas or escape to Disney World to get away from the office, Midan takes a completely different approach: we head to America’s heartland. When the team first heard we were going to Manhattan for this year’s retreat, we were kind of stunned. Then we realized it was Manhattan, Kansas. Ah, that’s more like it.

While the annual meeting is a prime chance to bond with teammates, it’s also an important time to reconnect with the land and livestock. For us, continuing education happens out in the field — literally. As an eight-year veteran of Midan, I’ve toured more than a few cattle and hog farms and have learned that it’s not only what you see on the farm, but whom you meet there that reminds us of why we do what we do.

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On the Inside Looking In.

Think about your first day on the job. Chances are it went something like this:

Fill out paperwork, read a training manual, meet with HR, have IT set up your computer, meet a bunch of people and immediately forget their names….maybe a group lunch? With a few exceptions, this is a pretty by-the-book rundown of the onboarding process.

Midan is one of those exceptions.

Now, we’ve covered the culture of Midan from the perspective of a new hire before. There’s one important part that bears repeating: as part of the hiring process, you meet with everyone. Ev-ry-one. Be it by phone, Skype, in-person or on-site, you are gonna have a chat with the whole staff. Simply put, this is a master class in interviewing.

This could also be considered utter madness if it didn’t work so well. And it really does—by the time you come on board, you’ve interviewed them as much as they have you. At some point in the process, the shiny new “interview personality” breaks down and you’re just you, having a chat with another person. I didn’t know it at the time, but this instills a certain confidence that I’ve never experienced coming into a company. How cool is that?

Back to that first day. Mine consisted of walking out the door at 5 AM to head to the airport and hop a flight from Chicago to Nashville. Let that soak in for a minute. Yeah, my first day on the job happened to coincide with the annual Midan team meeting, held at the amazing Gaylord Opryland Hotel. Having the more mechanical introductions out of the way, I resigned myself to sit back and take it all in over the next few days.

Throughout meetings, what struck me was the two-way street that developed. I saw transparency that allowed people to talk about what was stressing them out, what needed to change and what their hopes for Midan Marketing were.

What I saw was a great team working towards something greater. That’s not just motivational poster tripe, either. As with any gathering of people, there are bound to be road bumps, miscommunication, and a real need to be heard. So to watch all this come at you in real time, to see dynamics shift and watch people leave with a resolve to do better…well, I stand by that statement.

The main takeaway here is twofold: 1) Pay attention to the place that goes beyond the normal interview/team building stuff. There’s likely something exciting and different happening. 2) Problems in a team are normal; it’s how they get addressed that make a place extraordinary.

So that was Day 1. Oh, and then we went line dancing.


To learn more about the Midan Team Meeting, view our photos here: https://www.facebook.com/MidanMarketing