Allison Jarrett

Allison Jarrett

Allison Jarrett
Executive Assistant

Allison is a superb juggler! She keeps all the balls in the air in the Chicago office. We rely on her “can do” attitude and willingness to keep people on track and processes in place. She brings 10 years of administrative experience across a variety of fields to the position.

What did you do for your favorite
childhood birthday?

Putt-Putt Golf, complete with a
twinkie-caterpillar cake.
What's the most memorable class you've ever taken?
I loved Humanities in college. The discussions and exposure to different aspects of those subjects really engaged me.
What's your favorite breakfast food?
Waffles, but I crave doughnuts on a regular basis.
If you could live in any home on a
television series, what would it be?

I love Monica’s apartment on Friends
because of all the color…