Racheal Harwell

Racheal Harwell

Racheal Harwell
Accounting Assistant

Racheal helps our Accounting Manager keep Midan’s bookkeeping on track. With six years of experience, she navigates Excel like a total pro. Racheal comes to Midan with a strong animal background and appreciation for agriculture – she operated an equestrian center for 10 years. Racheal has been riding horses since she was eight, and as a child, once went for a ride using a jump rope in place of reins!

How did you meet your spouse?
Blind date attending Amy Grant
Christmas Concert in Charlotte 1997
What's your favorite TV or radio
commercial/ad campaign of all time?

Budweiser and the Clydesdales
If you could live in any home on a
television series, what would it be?

Little House on the Prairie
What habit are you proudest of maintaining?
Reading my Bible