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5 Ways to Dig into Digital Marketing

Gibson Palmes

Reading Time: 2 minutes
Remember the days (and sounds) of dial-up internet – kerrhh beep beep wurrh

What started as a way to simply store and share information, the internet’s explosive growth has paved the way for Digital Marketing, a full discipline and true necessity for companies. It’s big, it’s hairy and comes with widgets and plugins and data – oh my! But whether your goal is to build your brand or increase sales, marketing on the internet is critical to growing your business in today’s world.

So what does all of this mean for the meat industry – an industry rooted in cattle-calling and horseback, not Snapchat and Uber.

It all goes back to the consumer. The same person who uses Facebook as a diary and Twitter to read the news is also a meat eater, searching for the perfect roast recipe and the best place to buy Angus beef. Digital Marketing allows companies to reach their target audience exactly where they are along the buyer’s journey with digital touchpoints that help accelerate the process and encourage repeat purchases. With 51 percent of grocery sales being digitally influenced, there’s no better time than now to jump in the saddle and start controlling your own digital horsepower! Here are five ways to dig into digital:
1. Personalize. When it comes to developing your brand message in the digital space, it’s all about getting personal. Know who you’re speaking to and how to speak their language so you can cater your message to meet their specific needs, wants and desires. By using the targeting tools available in each platform (ex: targeting by geographic location in Facebook), you will be able to deliver relevant content to your intended audience; therefore, reaching the right person and getting the most bang for your buck!

2. Connect. Unlike many traditional advertising efforts, Digital Marketing creates an always-open, two-way line of communication with the consumer – but you’ve got to use it! Today’s meat consumers are eager to connect with brands. Let them see exactly who you are by sharing your brand story: what you do, why you do it and what you stand for. In doing so, you’ll be able to create an engaged online community that’s hungry for more.

3. Inform. It’s the era of Google and everyone’s a researcher. With experts, nutritionists and encyclopedias at their fingertips, it’s easier than ever for consumers to learn about the food on their plates – and they are eager students! But it’s not just what you say, it’s also what other people say about you and your product. Online reviews play a large part in the decision-making process. Think about it: if one product has 4.5 stars and another has 5, which would you buy? Let those stars work for you!

4. Assist. With the influx of meal kit and grocery delivery services, convenience shopping is having a major moment in our fast-paced society. Create a more pleasant shopping experience for your consumer by exploring ways to make things easier using digital avenues. For example, you can catch them with a Google ad while they are searching for a nearby store and point them directly to the meat case. Cha-ching!

5. Optimize. It’s in your hand, in your pocket, by your computer and beside your pillow. Mobile is no longer just a phone – it’s used for recipe searching, coupon clipping, list making and really just about anything…including phone calls! By understanding how your offering aligns with mobile use, you can create a more impactful, user-friendly experience that can turn swipes to spends.
At the intersection of your business goals and your target audience, you will find the right platform to strategically share your message, meet objectives and drive meat sales.  Don’t go it alone – let’s work together in mapping out your digital journey. Contact us today!