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Midan is an independent agency with a sage’s knowledge of the meat industry and an explorer’s courage to discover new paths where protein-centric brands can go. We lead with robust consumer research, extract sixth-sense insights, and then powerfully activate with PR, creative ideation, video/photography, web, media and full circle analytics.

Our Promise

We help our clients become, and remain, true pioneers in protein marketing.

Not only will we craft trailblazing campaigns, but we’ll also bring home results to prove they’re resonating.

We embrace and respect team members of all religious beliefs. Everyone is welcome here.

As followers of Jesus Christ, Danette Amstein and Michael Uetz, the principals of Midan Marketing, strive to live in a manner consistent with the precepts and doctrines of their faith which are grounded in the Bible, and operate Midan Marketing in accordance with these principles.

While their personal and deeply held beliefs may be referenced from time to time, such as prayer during company gatherings, participation in any religious expression at Midan Marketing is entirely voluntary. The right to disagree with the statements reflecting their beliefs is one that is protected under law, as is exercising one’s own right to believe — and one we uphold earnestly.

No matter who you are, no matter what you believe: Our doors are always open to you.



Take a closer look at our deep bench of team members with meat industry knowledge and seasoned marketing and communications experience.

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Midan Marketing services fuse deep meat industry knowledge with seasoned communications and marketing agency experience. Together we tell the story of how meat is raised, processed, promoted, sold and enjoyed from farm to fork.

Brand Strategy
Accurately identify your opportunities and map out a clearly defined path to help you achieve your brand goals.

  • Brand Analysis
  • Brand Framework Development
  • Persona Development

Industry Consulting
Analyze operations and product positioning to develop the vision, identity, and strategic road map to deliver success for your business.

  • Business Analysis
  • Short-Term and Long-Term Vision Development
  • Marketing Plan Development

Research + Insights
Get inside the minds and motivations of meat consumers to make more informed business decisions.

  • Market Research
  • Consumer Insights

Creative Solutions
Deliver the targeted solutions, persuasive words and eye-catching designs that boost your brand and your business.

  • Point of Sale and Promotions
  • Logos, Names and Tagline Development
  • Advertising Campaigns
  •  Trade Show Designs

Video + Photography
Provide cost-effective, full-service visual content production to tell your stories, support your business and engage your consumers.

  • Narrative, Documentary, Commercial and Social Media
  • Motion Graphics, Animation and Virtual Reality
  • Food Glamour Shots
  • Drone Videography

Public Relations
Develop integrated communications programs to support your business and educate target audiences about your company’s role in the meat industry.

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis Communications
  • Team Member Education and Communication

Get the high-profile placements to keep your brand in front of the eyes and in the minds of your target audience.

  • Advertising Planning and Buying Strategies
  • Programmatic Display Advertising
  • SEO/SEM Strategy

Digital + Social
Use data-driven tactics and industry knowledge to position your brand on the right platforms to raise your profile and increase engagement.

  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce Digital Strategy
  • Email Marketing and Automation

Data + Analytics
Monitor and break down your data, provide the insights that help you improve customer experiences, increase conversions and maximize ad spends.

  • Campaign Reporting and Strategy Insights
  • Website Analytics
  • User Journey and Content Heat Mapping



We work with leading regional, national and international meat producers, distributors, CPG companies and industry associations.
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Educate your target audiences about your company’s place in the meat case and in your community.



We lead the conversation to help those in the industry explore better ways to sell meat.

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