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2023 Top Trends to Watch

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Economic pressures, convenience, technology, sustainability and health – these five broad topics encompass a lot of what is shaping the meat industry today. As Midan looks to 2023, we have identified trends within each of these areas we expect to have the biggest impact on the meat channel.

From how consumers are considering inflation in their meat purchases to how brands will be changing their advertising to make the most of their budgets, we share how we see economic pressures continuing to play out in the new year. In the realms of health and sustainability, the meat industry is responding to consumers’ wants and needs – how are those likely to change and how do we keep up?

Convenience is the name of the game to the largest of Midan’s Meat Consumer Segments. How is this group fueling innovation in brick-and-mortar stores, online and within product categories?

And, of course, there’s the ongoing evolution of today’s technologies that keep us constantly on our toes.

For each top trend we highlight, we also provide an actionable takeaway, helping you immediately begin to envision how these trends may affect your business.