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At Midan, What We Do Is Who We Are

Danette Amstein

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Happy New Year! It’s only the second week of 2018, but some of us (no names mentioned!) might already be wavering on those ambitious resolutions we made to do more of “this” and less of “that” in the coming year.

While the new year offers a chance to start fresh, it’s also an opportunity to re-commit to the causes we hold dear. For those of us in the meat business, this is a pivotal time to rededicate ourselves to an industry we love that is facing intense upheaval. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that 2018 is poised to disrupt the status quo: meat itself is no longer “meat” (“fake meat” is not “fake news”!) and the Amazon fall-out is far from over.

While the “what” and the “how” of the meat industry are changing at the speed of light, the one thing that remains constant for us is the “why.” At Midan, we know exactly the reason we are in this business: it’s our passion for the livestock producers and the work they do that drives us.

We form partnerships with packers, processors and packaging companies to help create success for our clients, with the long-term intention of making a difference for the farmers and ranchers with whom it all starts. That indirect line to the land and those who raise livestock is more dotted for some than for others, but our team is comprised of people who are rooted in, and who root for, agriculture.

When who you are and what you believe in are so firmly anchored in what you do, it’s easy to keep your eyes on the prize, even if things get rocky or shiny things distract you (Squirrel!). Recently, our firm’s creative work was honored by The Davey Awards, an awards program that recognizes outstanding projects produced by smaller agencies. While we are incredibly honored by this recognition, awards aren’t what gets us out of bed in the morning; rather, it’s the opportunity to help move the meat industry forward, one successful project at a time.

In the spirit of the new year, I’m prepared to be “all in” with the meat industry in the coming year, whatever comes our way. I hope you are, too. Bring it on, 2018 – we’re ready for ya!


About the Author

Danette is a Managing Principal based in our Mooresville office. Together with Michael Uetz, she develops and carries out the strategic direction and vision for Midan. In addition, she works closely with our meat industry clients to outline effective strategies based on their business goals, and then oversees the execution of tactics to ensure those goals are not just met, but surpassed. Danette’s lifelong love for the meat industry started on her family’s farm in Kansas, deepened during her involvement with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and state beef organizations and continues today with her passionate work for our clients. A well-respected thought leader in the meat industry, she speaks at conferences, writes social content postings, and blogs for Meatingplace. Married to Todd, she is a proud parent of a son and daughter, is a diehard Kansas State Wildcats fan, loves chocolate and still drives a combine when she goes home to Kansas for the annual wheat harvest.
Danette Amstein