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Chairman’s Reserve® Meats

Telling the Evolving Story of a Top-Tier Beef & Pork Brand

Chairman’s Reserve® Meats

Elevating the Conversation With Chairman’s Reserve Meats

Brand Strategy Research + Insights Creative Solutions Media Digital + Social Data + Analytics

Midan has steered retail and foodservice marketing strategy for the Chairman’s Reserve Meats brand for more than a decade. The brand emerged as a national player with introduction of Chairman’s Reserve Prime Beef in 2019 and rapidly evolved with the additions of Chairman’s Reserve Premium Beef, Premium Pork, Prime Pork and Chairman’s Reserve Platinum™ Angus Beef.

Brand Strategy Research + Insights Creative Solutions Media Digital + Social Data + Analytics

We celebrated the 20th
anniversary of Chairman’s Reserve
Meats returning to its roots and
“the legend of the Chairman,” who
demanded nothing less than the
finest cuts for himself.

The Chairman’s Reserve Meats brand exceeds expectations of what a high-end beef and pork can be. We began with one simple idea — create B2B communications that feel more human to human, like starting a great conversation that evolves over time.

BUBBA burger veggie bowl
How do we boil down the brand’s intricate messaging hierarchy into strategic communications? Our proprietary research takes the temperature of the market climate. Strategic planning sets up how and where to message the Chairman’s Reserve customer. Then social, media and e-commerce help the brand meet consumers where and how they shop.
BUBBA burger grill girl

Midan created a high-end look for this
high-end brand, giving the existing
Chairman’s Reserve Meats a fresh logo,
typeface and color palette.

Choice is at the root of
Chairman’s Reserve Meats.
We drove that message
home across multiple
touchpoints, including an
award-winning video.
BUBBA burger Suns out buns out
BUBBA burger Suns out buns out
From Tokyo steakhouses to
supermarkets in Seoul, Midan
helped Chairman’s Reserve
Meats expand into the Far East
with marketing support across
Japan and South Korea.


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