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Kerry Beauchemin

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Who am I?” is one of the most fundamental questions of human existence, layered with the complexities and nuances of our experiences, our beliefs, our attitudes and our motivations. It is the same question we marketers and customer insights gurus ask ourselves every day about the people we want to connect with. Who are they? What motivates them to buy a specific brand or product? How can I give them more of what they want or create something new they didn’t even know they needed?

Two years ago, Midan Marketing conducted a groundbreaking segmentation study of meat consumers to help answer this burning question: “Who are these meat eaters?” The results yielded six distinct segments of meat consumers. Because consumers are changing at the speed of light, we are repeating our original research to see how the segments we initially identified might have shifted.

So why does this matter to you and your bottom line?

Segmentation has multiple “real world” applications for driving profit and making both processors and retailers successful, because it provides a deep understanding of today’s meat eaters across the United States. Each segment holds a discrete set of beliefs and exhibits a specific combination of behaviors in order to move from interest in meat to purchasing it and eating it.

Tapping into these unique consumer segments can translate into measurable results:

  • Capture incremental dollars by identifying gaps in your product portfolio. What product could you be selling that you aren’t now?
  • Increase meat sales by zeroing in on your target with more customized messaging. How does your end customer respond to claims and attributes?
  • Stay one step ahead of the competition by keeping your pulse on today’s ever-evolving meat-eating population. How are changing consumer demands drastically re-shaping the meat case?

In the end, segmentation is a win-win for businesses of all shapes and sizes, because it can help you improve your marketing spend and make more informed decisions that ultimately help you sell more meat.

We’ll be releasing our Segmentation 2.0 Executive Summary just in time for the 2019 Annual Meat Conference, so visit our website at the beginning of March to download our high-level research findings.  New this year: We’re doing a deeper dive into the hot topics that the meat industry will continue to face in the coming years, like the growing popularity of grass-fed beef, the rise of plant-based and flexitarian diets and the influence of younger gens to drive change at the meat case.

Segmentation 2.0 will give us plenty of new consumer insights to talk about, so if you’re headed to AMC this year, please come strike up a conversation – we customer insights folks are always up for a chat!


About the Author

Kerry Beauchemin is a gifted storyteller with more than 20 years of experience in the advertising and marketing industry. In her role as senior brand strategist at Midan, she brings an uncanny ability to uncover compelling insights, think strategically and predict market trends that help her clients succeed. Kerry has helped clients including BUBBA burger® and Tyson Foods spring to life for both B2B and consumer audiences. Before settling her career in meat marketing, Kerry worked with brands like Suave, Cardinal Health and Universal Pictures. Always down for a good story and authentic connection, Kerry loves to travel and learn about new cultures off the beaten path.
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