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BUBBA burger®

Bringing Fresh Flavor to One of America’s Favorite Burger Brands

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BUBBA burger®

Building Awareness of a Great Burger

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BUBBA burger is one of the top brands of ready-to-cook burgers in America, available in several delicious varieties with no additives or preservatives. They partnered with Midan to increase brand awareness and engage customers in new markets by showcasing their products’ quality and convenience.

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Brand Strategy Research + Insights Creative Solutions Media Digital + Social Data + Analytics Video + Photography

BUBBA burger with onion rings

Feeding the Market’s Appetite for More.
Our team prepared a refreshing blend of
brand and product focus, lifestyle content,
marketing tactics and media strategy, all
designed to generate consumer demand,
focus on impression engagement and
drive web traffic.

BUBBA burger made its name as a regional player particularly on the Eastern Seaboard but was hungry to expand. Our goal was to increase brand awareness and engagement in new markets, drive web traffic and focus on the qualities that make BUBBA burger so desirable.
BUBBA burger veggie bowl
To introduce BUBBA burger to a fresh marketplace, the Sun’s Out, Buns Out campaign used distinctive imagery and engaging messaging to drive home the brand’s variety, versatility, quality and convenience and capitalize on seasonal grilling — all promoted through a unique Sun’s Out, Buns Out landing page, paid search, paid social and in-store point-of-sale materials.
BUBBA burger grill girl
BUBBA burger Suns out buns out
BUBBA burger iPhone mockup
To drive web traffic, we
brought BUBBA burger
together with two popular food
bloggers to develop and add
15 unique new BUBBA burger
recipes to the brand’s website,
which we promoted through
paid media, social media and
email campaigns.
BUBBA burger photography
BUBBA burger lifestyle photography
BUBBA burger photography

Together all these elements grew
the brand’s web traffic and
engagement while showcasing
BUBBA burger as a lifestyle brand
and a delicious eating experience.


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