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No one can tell the meat industry’s story better than someone who has actually lived it. Midan Marketing leads the conversation by bringing together unparalleled experience and deep understanding of what motivates today’s meat consumers.


D2C: Things to Consider Before Jumping In

D2C: Things to Consider Before Jumping In

During the holidays, we kept a box of individually wrapped cookies on our porch. Once the weather starts to warm up, we’ll likely put out water bottles or Cokes. Our next-door neighbors leave a basket of homemade masks by their front door. Why? We want to take care of...

Not Your Average Carnivore

I love cooking for family and friends. Whether it’s during the holidays, watching a college football game, or a simple weekday dinner, I take pride in preparing my guests a delicious meal. My husband actually says that the easiest way to insult me is to say that you...