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No one can tell the meat industry’s story better than someone who has actually lived it. Midan Marketing leads the conversation by bringing together unparalleled experience and deep understanding of what motivates today’s meat consumers.


Make TikTok Part of Your Marketing Toolbox

Make TikTok Part of Your Marketing Toolbox

The social media platform that has taken the world by storm, TikTok, has been a big topic of conversation for marketing professionals everywhere. More and more, TikTok is becoming an integral part of marketing plans for the meat industry. The app is known for being...

D2C: Things to Consider Before Jumping In

D2C: Things to Consider Before Jumping In

During the holidays, we kept a box of individually wrapped cookies on our porch. Once the weather starts to warm up, we’ll likely put out water bottles or Cokes. Our next-door neighbors leave a basket of homemade masks by their front door. Why? We want to take care of...

Leveraging the ‘Voice of the Customer’

Leveraging the ‘Voice of the Customer’

The old adage “The customer is always right” was once the foundation for good customer service – do what it takes to make the customer happy, no questions asked. While the basic premise is still the same, that blanket approach has gone out the window. Today’s...

Use SEO to Maximize ROI

If you’ve ever searched for anything on Google, then you have experienced SEO at work. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of optimizing your website in order to increase the amount and quality of traffic it gets. Why is SEO important? SEO...

Are You “Brand Safe”?

As a meat processor, you stake your reputation on the quality and safety of your products. You wouldn’t dream of letting meat leave your plant without following every safety precaution to the letter of the law. Unfortunately, many companies aren’t as careful about...

5 Ways to Dig into Digital Marketing

Remember the days (and sounds) of dial-up internet – kerrhh beep beep wurrh What started as a way to simply store and share information, the internet’s explosive growth has paved the way for Digital Marketing, a full discipline and true necessity for companies. It’s...