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I know our brand needs to get in on this social media thing, BUT…

“It’s confusing.” “How do you know which pages to join?” “I DON’T KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!”

If this is how you feel about social media, I understand. Branching out into an unfamiliar area is scary, especially if you’re unsure about taking the next step. However, if you don’t take this step, you and your brand are going to be left behind.

It’s no secret that social media is on the cusp of world domination (I’m joking, of course). The role social media plays in our daily lives is a big one and its influence is growing. Social media provides avenues in gaining the attention of your audience that traditional mediums simply can’t deliver. With this being the case, it’s extremely important for brands to develop a solid social media strategy. With new tools and platforms constantly emerging, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the entire social media process. However, with the right focus and attitude, creating your own “social space” can benefit your brand in ways you could never imagine. Here are a few things to consider when embarking on your social media journey:

1)      What is your objective? The best social media strategies have a goal in mind. For instance, do you want to drive sales, increase awareness, attract a following, etc.?

2)      Create engaging content. Think of social media as a two-way communication model. This is your opportunity to communicate directly with your audience and their opportunity to communicate with you. Post questions, surveys and other items that will elicit a response. In this moment, you have the attention of your audience; make good use of this opportunity.

3)      Respond in a timely manner. If a follower has taken the time to comment on a post, or send a private message, respond, and respond quickly! This is your chance to make a great first impression!

4)      Listen, Listen, Listen! Your audience will give you a good guide on what they want to see and learn. Ask for their feedback.

5)      Do your research. Research your options. Learn about the platforms, and decide which are most appropriate for your brand. Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

6)      Set targets and measure performance. It’s important for a brand to measure social media performance. How do I gauge success? Some key performance metrics to track include:

–          Shares of social media conversations

–          Social media following (Is your audience growing?)

–          Reach: Is your content engaging? How many people are seeing your messages?

–          Overall engagement: Are you getting likes, comments and shares on Facebook, re-tweets on Twitter, pins on Pinterest, etc.

Now that you and your brand are ready to take the social media plunge, keep this in mind – “Brands should focus more on how to BE social, and less on how to DO social media.”

Meat guys and social media

“Did you check-in?”

This is a question my friends and I often ask each other when we go anywhere and everywhere. It could be a hot new restaurant in the city, grocery shopping at our Whole Foods Market®, or a new clothing store on Michigan Avenue. It seems we are always electronically connected to each other, sharing details on new product findings, sales/deals (I love a good sale!) and anything different or unique.

Between Facebook®, Twitter®, Yelp®, YouTube® and Foursquare®, social media has become a part of our daily lives and engrained in our culture. It has completely changed the way consumers receive information and communicate with each other, and is a modern form of word-of-mouth marketing. Marketers from almost every industry have made social media a significant part of their marketing programs. I say almost because… well, the meat industry has only had minimal participation. [Read more…]

The “Secret” is Out! How to Score Big in the Social Space

Remember the scene from the 1996 classic film, Space Jam, when Michael Jordan hands his pals on the Tune Squad the “Secret Stuff?”  Along with some help from Bugs Bunny, MJ was able to pull a fast one on his teammates. He was able to convince them that his magic elixir (water) could help them defeat the evil MonStars. Lucky for him, it worked!

Where you going with this, you might ask? Well…unlike the contents of Michael Jordan’s water bottle, there really is “secret stuff” that can help lead your team to a successful social strategy.

What is this “secret?” It lies in your mindset. Unlike in a fictitious, animated basketball game where winning or losing is the only thing that matters, in the social game, capturing key learning’s and listening to your audience is the secret that will eventually lead to success.

That’s right, in order to be successful you have to take a step back and realize the importance of experimentation, testing and most importantly, listening.

Take, for instance, our work with Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc., and their Star Ranch Angus® beef brand. Throughout 2014, we were tasked with increasing engagement across all of Star Ranch Angus beef’s digital platforms, with a particular focus on their Facebook page.

Our first tactic was to re-think the brand’s current approach to strategy. Instead of “doing” social media, we positioned the brand to “become” social by developing and experimenting with fun, relevant content, geared toward engaging the audience. We paid close attention to metrics, gauging the type of content that sparked reactions. We then focused on those themes to make sure we were giving our audience the content they wanted to see.  Along with testing options in our targeted advertising, we implemented a giveaway campaign that served as the primary traffic driver on the brand’s page. The campaign helped establish a dedicated following that we now refer to as “our community.”

Following the shift in strategy, we saw significant increases not only in engagement, but in following as well. The success of the Facebook page also contributed to increases in web visits and to the addition of another social platform for the brand, Pinterest.

So, when thinking about the next step in your social adventure, keep in mind that, even though you don’t have six championship rings or a team of misfit cartoon characters, you have everything you need to be successful. Take the time to experiment, test and listen, and you’ll be on your way to becoming the “Michael Jordan” of the social space.

To see more of our work with Star Ranch Angus beef, check out this case study chronicling our digital efforts.

The Social Brand

Social media – It’s no longer just a phrase, but a culture; a living, breathing and growing world.  Social media has created an arena where real people come to make meaningful connections in a virtual world. In less than a decade, a site that was created overnight for an elite group of college students has grown into an integrated online community of more than 800 million active users that can communicate in more than 70 languages. Social media has not only changed communication, but redefined it.

The social media boom has brought to light the importance of having a social brand strategy as part of a brand’s development. Creating a social brand strategy may seem like an impossible task to anyone unfamiliar with this once in a generation phenomenon, but there is a starting block for everything.  [Read more…]

Midan Internships

Who We Are

Midan Marketing is the only marketing firm that understands the complete meat channel.

Every day we come to work to put the full force of our creative marketing, research and account management services toward leading the meat industry into exciting new territory.

To us, it’s not a niche. Rather, it’s a shared heritage and way of life. Midan’s principals and a number of our team members come from agricultural backgrounds — we share the same passion and drive as our clients. As a result, our work shines…and work that shines helps our clients grow.

Simply put, we know marketing and we know meat. Now, we need your talent.

Who We’re Looking For

Are you a motivated, self-starter ready to take on a demanding (and rewarding!) internship with Midan? Well get a hat and hold on to it, because we’ve got just the thing.

We’re on the lookout for qualified student-applicants to fill account management and creative internship positions. You get valuable experience; we get to put your talents to work moving the industry forward. It’s a win-win!

Sound good? There’s more…

Did we mention this is a paid position, complete with furnished housing? You read that right. There’s no going on coffee runs here…we aim to provide real challenges and help develop real skills. Here’s what you can expect:

What Our Recent Grads Are Saying

Cass Staley

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The reason I love coming into work is because I’m surrounded by wonderful people! I owe my motivation to them.

Erica Prescott

Junior Account Executive

Midan shares my appreciation for agriculture & I get to help share that story. Also, I can bring my dog to work.

Megan Griesheim

Account Coordinator

At Midan, I get to use my passion for the industry to help ranchers tell their farm’s story. BEST. JOB. EVER.

Tim Chakonas

Account Coordinator

The team pushes me to succeed and grow! Each day is different and there’s always a new challenge to take on!

Haley Frazier

Media and Social Relations

The passion is palpable. Midan is full of people that push me to be better – professionally & creatively.


Account Management Intern

As an Account Management Team (AMT) Intern, you’ll receive hands-on experience and mentorship in marketing, brand management, client management and internal communications in a close-knit agency environment. Fast-paced and versatile, our AMT is the engine that keeps Midan moving. Expect to hit the ground running, taking point on assignments like:

  • Authoring new business capabilities presentations
  • Research and writing of competitive analysis client reports
  • Capturing industry trends and happenings to generate ideas for current clients
  • Learning project management software to enter projects, monitor timelines and meet deliverables
  • Leading multiple projects from entry, through creative process, to client delivery
  • Monitoring the reconciliation of small projects to understand budget processes and financial tracking
  • Learning reporting structure and project management
  • Taking meeting notes for Midan CEOs

Creative Communications Intern

The Creative Communications Team (CCT) Intern will work closely with team members to learn the creative process in real time. This includes inter-team communication, as well as participating in crafting effective client messaging across a number of mediums. No two days are alike in the CCT. As our dynamo intern, expect to be taking on a number of tasks such as:

  • Leading multiple projects through the creative process to client delivery
  • Supporting the CCT with project tasks to meet deadlines
  • Coordinating award show submissions
  • Authoring social media posts for Midan and our clients
  • Auditing websites
  • Research and reporting on tech services
  • Assisting with incoming assignments

What Our Recent Grads Are Saying


Cass Staley

Digital Marketing Coordinator

The reason I love coming into work is because I’m surrounded by wonderful people! I owe my motivation to them.

Erica Prescott

Junior Account Executive

Midan shares my appreciation for agriculture & I get to help share that story. Also, I can bring my dog to work.

Megan Greisham

Account Coordinator

At Midan, I get to use my passion for the industry to help ranchers tell their farm’s story. BEST. JOB. EVER.

Tim Chakonas

Account Coordinator

The team pushes me to succeed and grow! Each day is different and there’s always a new challenge to take on!

Haley Frazier

Media and Social Relations

The passion is palpable. Midan is full of people that push me to be better – professionally & creatively.

Ready to do this? Us too! But before we get started, let’s review the fine print.


Account Management Intern Requirements

  • Availability from May 21 – July 27
  • Applicants must have completed one animal science or meat science class
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Reliable Transportation

Creative Communications Intern Requirements

  • Availability from May 21 – July 27
  • Applicants must be pursuing an art, design, public relations or related degree
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Reliable Transportation

The Perks

Competitive hourly rate | Two paid holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day) | Fully furnished, paid housing
Short distance to downtown Charlotte nightlife and shopping | Nearby hiking and watersports at Lake Norman

How to Apply

All Applicants Must Include the Following:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter — tell us about yourself and why you want to join our team!
  • PDF copy of Transcript

  • Signed and scanned letter of recommendation from a school faculty member
  • Signed and scanned letter of recommendation from a professional reference

Optional Application Materials
  • Any creative portfolio materials or presentations

Account Management Internship



Creative Communications Internship


Mealtime Matters

Project:Mealtime Matters
Brand:Star Ranch Angus®  beef
Client:Tyson Fresh Meats Team


How do you tell a brand story that captures the imagination of meat eaters?

Just as the meat industry is beginning to fully embrace branding, along comes a new dimension to the concept: it’s no longer enough to have a “brand” – now industry players must have a complete and compelling “brand story.” Consumers are eager to be romanced by a narrative that’s not only engaging, but one that is authentic, transparent and reveals the values of the company behind the brand.

The Tyson Fresh Meats Team asked Midan to re-evaluate its existing Star Ranch Angus brand, an “everyday” Angus product line, in order to refine the brand’s identity and develop a deeper brand story.

Midan worked to strategize a creative development plan that included a new tagline and a deep-dive review of the brand’s target consumer.

Midan developed three concepts for the brand refresh and then used consumer testing to validate the insights discovered during the deep-dive. Followers of the Star Ranch Angus brand were briefly introduced to each concept and asked to evaluate them based on appeal and personal connection. For their input, participants received a coupon for Star Ranch Angus beef.



Midan took the winning concept and developed a “Mealtime Matters” campaign that illustrates the importance of the family meal, a key touchstone for the target consumer. The tagline changed to “Satisfaction Guaranteed,” a nod to the brand’s promise to deliver a consistently tender product. The messaging and visuals tell the story of a brand that is trusted to deliver at dinnertime.

To drive the story home, Midan updated the brand’s website and created new collateral materials (including engaging video!) that reflect its updated identity. Midan also developed a strong social media campaign that encouraged followers to interact with the brand story by sharing why mealtime matters to them.

STAR RANCH ANGUS beef now has a solid brand story that draws consumers in and helps anchor all future messaging and marketing materials.

®/© 2017 Tyson Foods, Inc.

Junior Account Executive


The Junior Account Executive is primarily aligned with a single client with the intent to grow in leadership within that account and have responsibility for minor brands or initiatives within the client portfolio of work. The Junior Account Executive is responsible for full execution of projects as well as to provide significant background support for other members of the team.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Work with client and account management team to understand marketing needs and develop, execute and evaluate effective marketing programs that satisfy those needs
  2. Work closely with the account management and market research teams to ensure quality delivery of initiatives to the client’s satisfaction
  3. Act as an agency contact for client, be a source of information and programming resources for internal teams
  4. Develop and manage timelines and project plans for client-facing initiatives
  5. Work with Project Coordinators in the development and execution of client marketing programs
  6. When necessary, solicit assistance from other Agency team members (creative, communications, market research, public relations, etc.) to provide support and information to satisfy client needs. Must coordinate all activities with other Agency team members in order to ensure desired resources are available when needed
  7. Manage project budgets and provide regular management reports on all efforts for client
  8. Build, develop and grow any business relationships vital to the success of each project
  9. Coordinate social media postings and monitor accounts for clients


  • Minimum of two years of experience in CPG marketing, retail or agency account management
  • Excellent organizational, communication, analytical and writing skills; detail-oriented
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and assignments

Education, Training and Network

  • Bachelor’s degree (advanced degree a plus) in marketing, animal science, meat science, agri-business or production
  • Food and fresh meat marketing experience; knowledge of livestock production and/or experience is required for this position

Midan Digital 101

Our Approach to Digital

Creating a commanding digital presence involves a strategic, coordinated approach; there’s a lot more to digital marketing than cat memes and viral videos. We carefully map out a plan that integrates multiple digital platforms — social media marketing, trade advertising, Google pay-per-click — to help drive traffic to that all-important central hub: your website.

Learn How You Can Leverage
Our Digital Know-How

Developing Your Message

In order to reach your audience, you need to speak their language. We understand why it’s not only what you say, but how you say it, that matters.

Watch Video

Incorporating Video

Adding video to your marketing dramatically ups your digital game, generating significant boosts in engagement and spurring viewers to action.

Watch Video

Targeting Your Audience

By leveraging the targeting capabilities of digital media platforms, we can help you zero in on your target customers. Bullseye!

Watch Video

Midan Digital Gallery

Welcome to Midan Marketing

From the farmers who help bring calves and piglets into the world to the families who enjoy dinners created around a tender, mouthwatering entrée, we are the only marketing firm that understands the complete meat channel. We’re proud to present the materials below as a display of our skill and passion for delivering premium marketing services within the meat industry.

Examples of Digital Work

Tyson® Crafted Creations® Brand Animated Video

The exciting variety of modern flavor offered in each Tyson® Crafted Creations® product is brought to life by this visually bold animation.

View Materials

Open Prairie® Natural Angus Beef Rancher Video

A look into the daily lives of the hardworking ranchers who bring you the wholesome flavor Open Prairie® Natural Angus beef is known for.

Watch Video

National Pork Board Cutting Video Sales Tool

Engaging, informative content is a digital marketing must. This short video is part of a Cutting Guide series that shows best practices for pork cutting.

Watch Video

Star Ranch Angus® Beef Stop Motion Video

A fun video that incorporates the fresh visual appeal of stop motion to encourage and teach viewers to cook this summer-inspired recipe.

Watch Video

National Agri-Marketing Association
Award-Winning Materials

Website Directed to Consumers

Designed to educate, inspire and entice, this fun-to-navigate website corresponds with the Tyson® Crafted Creations® brand look and feel.

View Materials

Trade Advertisement

Inspired by the blank canvas that is every high-quality cut of Chairman’s Reserve® Certified Premium Beef, this print ad captures attention with bold simplicity.

View Materials

Social Media Campaign Directed to Consumers

By engaging our online community, this contest helped spark a spirit of creativity in the kitchen with the great flavor and versatility of Star Ranch Angus® beef.

View Materials

See Something You Like?

If any of these marketing materials look like what you’ve envisioned for your business, let us know! We’d love to talk with you about how Midan can help you grow your business and reach your goals.


NAMA 2016 Awards

The Best of NAMA 2016

The Best of NAMA, sponsored by the National Agri-Marketing Association, honors the best in agricultural marketing communications. Both companies and agencies submit their work for this competition, which is one of the tools used to evaluate creative marketing communications and public relations success in the industry.

We are delighted to announce that Midan has been honored with five 2016 Region V Best of NAMA Awards: three First Awards and two Merit Awards.

Tyson® Crafted Creations® Brand POS and Video

Category: Advertising Campaign Directed to Consumers

Introducing Tyson’s distinctive multi-protein Crafted Creations® brand with exciting flavor.



Open Prairie® Natural Angus Beef Video

Category: Advertising Campaign Element Directed to Consumers

Inspired by the Open Prairie™ Natural Angus identity, we give viewers a tour beyond the logo.

Big Red Barn Brand Development

Category: Corporate Identity and Brand Development

Specially designed for display in case-ready packaging,
Big Red Barn captures the spirit of simple, wholesome nutrition.




Star Ranch Angus® Beef Summer Recipe Contest

Category: Social Media Campaign Directed to Consumers

Engaging our online community, this contest helped spark
a spirit of creativity in the kitchen with Star Ranch Angus® beef.




Tyson® Crafted Creations® Website

Category: Website Directed to Consumers

Designed to educate, inspire and entice in a fun-to-navigate website
that corresponds with the Tyson® Crafted Creations® artisanal look and feel.


Contact Us

Interested in creating award-winning work with us? We’ve got space in our trophy case—let’s talk!