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COVID-19 Articles

The “Future of Foodservice” Series: Pandemic’s End in Sight: What Now for Foodservice?

In this multipart blog series, Midan team members are sharing how restaurants, retailers, distributors, producers and chefs have had to rethink foodservice — and what we believe the meat industry can do to match that creativity to find new ways of doing business. In...

The Pandemic’s Lasting Imprint on Meat Consumers

Midan’s ninth COVID-19 study outlines the lasting impact the pandemic will have on meat consumers.Get additional COVID-19 Insights here. Questions about our research?  Contact us.

How does ‘kitchen fatigue’ steer consumers’ meat choices?

As the pandemic slogs on, I find myself tired of being in the kitchen. Really, really tired of it. Life before COVID-19 included a lot of weeknight activities, and with them great opportunities (and excuses!) to eat out. I don’t have any of those right now. Haven’t...