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How Do You Keep Flexitarians Coming Back to the Meat Case?

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Bring Flexitarians Back to Real Meat

Flexitarians represent about one-fifth of meat eaters. They actively choose to replace meat and poultry with vegetable/plant-based proteins as a main dish daily or several times a week.

Update Your Understanding of Emerging Meat Consumers

This is one of five profiles developed from Meat Consumer Segmentation 2.0 — our groundbreaking 2019 study designed to better understand meat eaters and emerging trends. These decks have been updated to include new information from our 2020 Segmentation 2.1 study.

Get a Complete Profile of Flexitarian Consumers

Develop a comprehensive strategy with messaging that resonates with Flexitarians using the learnings from our research. The complete profile includes:

  • Our 32-slide research deck
  • An explanation of the study’s methodology
  • An executive summary of our findings
  • Demographic tables

Discover the Data You Need to Know to Sell to Flexitarians

This updated deck will help you target Flexitarians more effectively by understanding what they buy, what they eat and why, including:

  • Flexitarians consume vegetable/plant proteins because of health, enjoyment, being all-natural and affordability.
  • They regularly purchase meat-related specialty claims including all natural, organic, local, grass-fed and GMO-free meat.
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