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Grass-fed Beef Eater Profile
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What Specialty Claims Attract the Attention of Grass-fed Beef Eaters?

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Grow Your Share of Grass-fed Beef Eaters

Grass-fed Beef Eaters primarily consume meat and poultry and make them both the main proteins of most of their meals. More than 2 in 3 meat eaters are aware of grass-fed beef and one-quarter of those purchase it regularly.

Update Your Understanding of Emerging Meat Consumers

This is one of five profiles developed from Meat Consumer Segmentation 2.0 — our groundbreaking 2019 study designed to better understand meat eaters and emerging trends. These decks have been updated to include new information from our 2020 Segmentation 2.1 study.

Get a Complete Profile of Grass-fed Beef Eaters

Develop a comprehensive strategy with messaging that resonates with Grass-fed Beef Eaters using the learnings from our research. The complete profile includes:

  • Our 34-slide research deck
  • An explanation of the study’s methodology
  • An executive summary of our findings
  • Demographic tables

Discover the Data You Need to Know to Sell to Grass-fed Beef Eaters

This updated deck will help you target Grass-fed Beef Eaters more effectively by understanding what they buy, what they eat and why, including:

  • Grass-fed Beef Eaters purchase grass-fed beef for its quality, taste, animal welfare and personal health.
  • They regularly purchase other meat-related specialty claims including all natural, organic, local, NAH, NAE and GMO-free meat.
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