Figuring out how to navigate the digital world is a daunting task for any business, which is why Midan makes it a priority to get the most from marketing technologies, helping you navigate the competitive online landscape and turning it into real-world results.

There are two things you can count on in the digital world: 1) it’s constantly changing and 2) consumers and competitors alike are changing with it.

We believe a comprehensive understanding of how to reach customers in a competitive market online shouldn’t be a mystery. Empowering you to fully utilize new strategies and technology is our mission. Look below to see how we make it happen.

There are three pillars when it comes to building your business online:

Social Media
Your customers need to be able to find you, and when they do, they need to stay engaged: that’s where our social media experts go to work. Video contests, coupons and more — we’ll get the conversation started.

Marketing Technology
Tracking evolving technology is a 24/7 job. Email marketing, social advertising, e-commerce… the list goes on. You’ve got a business to run, so Midan’s Marketing Technology (MarTech) Team leads the charge, making sure you’re on the cutting edge of building brand awareness and reaching customers.

Web Development
Creating and maintaining your stunning new website is a given. Making your online home easy to find and a breeze to navigate on every device and web browser is a must. We’ll build your site, keep it regularly updated and at the top of your customers’ web searches.

Midan’s 30/60/90 Platform for Digital Results

  1. Get to Know Your Audience
    The first 30 days, we focus on understanding how your target market is interacting online with your business.
  2. Develop and launch a customized campaign
    Within 60 days, we then take those learnings and strengthen your campaign messaging and deployment.
  3. Optimize, measure and celebrate success
    At 90 days, results roll in. Together, we assess and optimize your digital presence even more.

New to Digital Marketing?
Get a solid start with our Digital 101 Video Series.

Turning clicks and links into bottom-line results is what we do. Take a look at how we’ve helped others find digital success.