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Maximize Your Consumer Intel with our Segmentation Matching Tool?

When you apply Midan’s Segmentation Matching Tool to your consumer database, you get actionable insights into who your target consumers are and how they behave at the meat case.

One of the most useful assets to emerge from Midan’s new Meat Consumer Segmentation 3.0 research is our Segmentation Matching Tool. This tool is actually a list of key questions administered to meat consumers by our Customer Insights Team to differentiate the five meat consumer segments. How consumers respond to this survey determines which segment they fall into — and it gives retailers and meat companies a better understanding of how each segment views, shops for and prepares meat.

Put simply, our Segmentation Matching Tool can help you identity which consumer segments are the best match for your brand or business, paving the way to help you sell more product.

Meat Consumer Segmentation 3.0
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How Can Retailers and Meat Companies Apply the Insights from the Segmentation Matching Tool?

  • Retailers: Use the tool’s insights to better understand what your shoppers are looking for and how to stock your meat case for maximum sales.
  • Meat Companies: Apply the tool to determine the best retailer for your product line, target consumers for a new product or develop more effective B2C messaging.
  • Consumer Research: Add the tool to any future Midan consumer research project and filter results by segment in addition to standard demographic data.

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