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Three Meat Snacks That Are Making a Comeback

Three Meat Snacks That Are Making a Comeback

3D printing technology is not new to the food world – chocolatiers have been using the technology for years to create intricate shapes for their pieces. Chocolate, of course, is softened when heated and then hardens at room temperature. This makes it easy to heat...

Future of Foodservice: 3D Printed Food

Future of Foodservice: 3D Printed Food

For a few years, I’ve had a zany theory about the future of food – particularly foodservice. Sharing it typically yields either a look of confusion or curiosity. My background is in food science and my job at Midan Marketing is all about consumer and industry insights...

Today’s Consumers Can’t Separate Animal Welfare From Sustainability

Four keys to win over Gen Zs

College recruiting is an interesting genre of marketing. I am not talking about the recruitment of athletes but of scholars. For the past year I have been on the parent side of this, fascinated by the marketing efforts that went into capturing my daughter’s attention....



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