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No one can tell the meat industry’s story better than someone who has actually lived it. Midan Marketing leads the conversation by bringing together unparalleled experience and deep understanding of what motivates today’s meat consumers.


What Meat Consumers Say Versus What They Do

What Meat Consumers Say Versus What They Do

“According to research conducted by Midan Marketing” may be one of my favorite phrases to write when I’m developing content for Midan or our clients. In my position as a Customer Insights Analyst, it’s my job to know what consumers are thinking, feeling and doing when...

Future of Foodservice: 3D Printed Food

For a few years, I’ve had a zany theory about the future of food – particularly foodservice. Sharing it typically yields either a look of confusion or curiosity. My background is in food science and my job at Midan Marketing is all about consumer and industry insights...

Cultured Meats: Who, How and When?

Cultured Meats: Who, How and When?

Cultured Meats: Who, How and When? In October, team members from Midan Marketing attended the virtual Cultured Meat Symposium to learn more about the cultured meat and poultry products which promise (or threaten) to turn our industry on its head. As a food scientist,...

Seeing the Potential in Plant-based Protein

Beyond Meat® and the Impossible™ Burger have successfully fought their way into consumers’ collective consciousness. While people are flocking to fast food royalty to try their Impossible offering, I am happy to stay home with my Angus beef burger. You see, somewhere...